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Residential buildings on Maxstraße/Schellingstraße
Hamburg | 2016
“Living in Eilbek”
The plan area lies in the Hamburg Eilbek quarter. There will be 89 residential units built at the corner between Schellingstraße and Maxstraße between Jakobipark in the south and the Eilbek canal in the north. The land affected by the plans is listed as a business area. A development plan based on this project was drawn up for the purpose of converting this area to residential use.
The buildings adopt the perimeter block style typical of the locale and continue it around the corner and into Schellingstraße. There will be five residential floors with an additional penthouse level. A T-shaped building has been added to the street edge buildings that utilises the available depth of the land. The design of the buildings at the corner places a visual emphasis on the Maxstraße/Schellingstraße intersection without the need for higher storeys. The four floor footing will be clad in facing stone, and white plaster is planned for the top full storey and penthouse level facades. The inner courtyard will include a high quality children's playground. Small “private” front gardens are planned along Schellingstraße and Maxstraße. The plans are for 89 predominantly family apartments, of which 29 will be built with funds from the IFB Hamburg financing programmes (“1. Förderweg” and “2. Förderweg”). Both the northern section of the building with the funded apartments and the privately financed south section are to fulfil the energy efficiency requirements in “WK-Effizienzhaus 70/09” (2012 funding guideline).

Client: TenBrinke Wohnungsbau GmbH & Co.KG
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