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Süderfeld Park
Hamburg-Lokstedt | 2018
The new residential ensemble in the north of Hamburg is integrated in the grown urban structure of the neighbourhood which offers both an urban living as well as relaxing green zones. On a 4.6 hectare areal in total the new project Suederfeld Park has around 9.000 square meters park area and nearly 395 rental units providing generous family flats as well as one-room-apartments.

Three of ten construction fields have around 123 residential units and about 10.500 square meters living area with 125 underground parking lots. In this new ensemble in the middle of the city the inhabitants will have access to a public park and lots of green areas as well as their own individual idyllic court yards. The stock of trees could be preserved as far as possible.

The basis of this family-friendly and cross-generational residential district lies in the well-proportioned floor plans and in its details as for example room high windows, generous balconies and terraces and a high-quality equipment. Sustainable aspects of the project are the construction of the buildings to KfW 55 standard, a combined heat and power plant and integrated car sharing as well as green roof areas.

Client: J.H. Burmeister GmbH & Co. KG
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