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Master plan Leipziger Platz Carré
Berlin | 2001
New city quarter with urban multifunctional mix of retail, gastronomy, offices and residences, 1st prize in a competition

The master plan for the Leipziger Platz Carré includes the north-east quadrant of the Leipziger Platz. It is a further development of the urban competition blue print, in that the predestined block construction is parcelled out to the scale of a middle-European city, its relief is refined by a scale level and an additional road network servicing the block connections is introduced. The development of individual sections is incumbent upon individual architects. These set structure requirements create a certain density and variety. It lends the area its own identity and offers extensive freedom of movement and areas for pedestrians to linger, despite the massive traffic on the Leipziger Strasse and it gives the appropriate city background to various kinds of usages. Exterior and interior rooms are handled with the same precision. The instruments of a “classical-way” of urban construction – streets, squares, passages, arcades, atriums and greenery – prove their necessity even under contemporary requirements of the location. The master plan is the basis for further developments within the overall city context.

Renderings: © Bünck + Fehse

Client: TLG, Bauwert, ECE
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