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Federal Association for Public Services
Berlin | 2011
New office building with parking garage

As the last of three projects at the square Platz vor dem Neuen Tor and along Invalidenstraße the new office building for the Federal Association for Public Services creates an important connection between the old center of Berlin in the south and the new main station, and thus completes this new thriving quarter.
The seven storey structure stretches from Invalidenstraße to Hannoversche Straße. Together with a back wing connex the two front buildings enclosing a landscaped inner courtyard. A set back top storey mediates between the different heights of the neighboring structures. The main façade towards Invalidenstraße is structured by blue ceramic elements in the double floor fenestration of the middle zone and variegated by the use of modern box-type windows. The front towards Hannoversche Straße and the rear façades were smoothly rendered in two colorings with full thermal insulation. Remains of the historic town wall dating from the reign of Friedrich Wilhelm I in the early 18th century were aptly integrated into the façade.

Photos: © Christian Gahl, npstv

Client: Hoch Tief Projektentwicklung GmbH
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