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School of Music for Youths
Hamburg | 2000
Competition: 1st price | Design: Enric Miralles, EMBT | Construction: nps und Partner
"Free Jazz" | New Music School for Hamburg
"The new building complex is characterized by an intricated appearance with the existing trees and this image is continued in the inner section of the building."(Enric Miralles) Obviously, this statement does not only refer to the location between the trees, which proves that the configuration of the structure is in line with the existing tree population, but it mainly refers to the appearance of the new School of Music. The image of the tree crowns swaying in the wind was used in the draft version and is reflected in the way the building is used. The folded, perforated, room encasing surface areas - the walls and roofs smoothly give way to each other- give the visitor an impression of standing in the midst of a "forest" or sitting right up in the crowns. Analogies to music can be found. The most intense reflection of this image can be found in the summer, when music fills the air outside under the crowns, coming from the open windows of the School of Music.

Client: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

Bauwerk des Jahres 2011 - AIV Hamburg | Bauwerk des Jahres
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