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Esplanade for Duravit
Produktdesign | 2011
Development of a ready-to-manufacture bathroom series in collaboration with
ST Design

The Esplanade bath furnishing series refers in many respects to historic bathroom objects from 18th and 19th century, when toilets and bathroom furnishings used to be individually crafted items or only small series ranked among the furniture. A dark wooden corpus, sublime indications of legs, hand-stitched leather handles and a smooth solitary shape follow the historical archetypes. The stand-alone toilet and bathtub remind us of antique chairs or chaise-longue, the washstand resembles a chest of drawers and the cabinet was designed after the image of a wardrobe trunk. At the same time, with clean lines and balanced proportions the series alludes to the reduced modernism of the 20th and 21st century. The selection of materials represents high quality craftsmanship and functionality in daily life and is long-lasting. Outfitted either with a durable oak wooden trim in a dark mat-tone or with a neutral high-gloss finish in white two different style types have been designed to be used both as in the complete ensemble of the series or as individual pieces, and thus emphasize the image of individuality and decent luxury. However, the individual object is neither reduced to its ideal suitability as a smooth installation nor as an original collective sculpture, allowing an alternative approach to bathroom furniture.

Sketches: © Sergei Tchoban, Photos: © Duravit AG

Client: Duravit AG

Pod Krisheyi Doma 2013 - Award von Moskau | Lobende Erwähnung
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