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Living at Buekweg, 2.BA
Hamburg | 2012
Construction of 30 new flats
The project is situated in the Hamburg quarter Ohlsdorf, enclosed by the streets Rübenkamp, Buekweg and Carpserweg. The adjacent 1st phase of construction has been completed in 2011 The 30 co-operative flats are divided in 9 flats with 2 rooms as well as 21 flats with 3, 3 ½ and 4 rooms suitable for families. Two flats each per storey in buildings 2 and 3 will be executed without barriers according to DIN 18025 Part 2 (9 flats with 2 rooms, 3 flats with 3 rooms). The building will be provided with a full basement and connected with the basement garage (22 parking boxes) built in between. The equipment rooms, the tenants' store rooms, the drying rooms as well as the bicycle room are accommodated here. The entrance to the basement garage is via the ramp to the garage yard (both inventory) in the Northern area of the property from Carpserweg as well as via a connecting new ramp at the Eastern side of building 2. Gardens with entrances to buildings 1 and 2 as well as bicycle parking boxes for daily use, leisure time areas, children's playgrounds and seating accommodations will be provided in the inner courtyard. A quarter square with trees with large crowns, seating accommodation and an action area for the inhabitants will be designed in the North-East area of the property

Photos: © Axel Neubauer, npstv

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