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Halikarnas Galeri Bodrum
Bodrum | 2009
"Urban Entertainment Center" | New building of a shopping mall
The project property is located in the community of Konacik, Bodrum County, and is marked by tourists to a great extent. Bodrum is a highly regarded holiday destination and is well known throughout the country. Architecturally speaking, the shopping centre is well adapted to its surroundings. Local architecture excerpts have been drawn on and placed in a contemporaneous context. The facade in natural stone faces the street. The area facing the rear contains a pedestal with typical local motifs. The middle zone of the mall is of glass toward the street and structured with vertical bands in its upper area. These are metallic. Their structure is reserved. The both serve to protect from sunlight and are reminiscent of oriental ornaments. The HALIKARNAS GALERI is an urban entertainment centre, a synergetic combination of entertainment, experience, trade and communication with its approximately 83,000 m2 gross total area. It contains facilities such as a cinema, wedding area, game world, flexible event areas, experience and themes gastronomy, food courts, internet cafe, various shops and thematic trade, fitness, wellness and sports areas. The natural lighting of the mall leads to a high quality of stay in the interior. The combination of sun protection system and modern air conditioning provides pleasant temperatures in the Centre throughout the year. Solar energy systems will be an integral component.

Client: LIP GmbH
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