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UpTownhouses Finkenau
Hamburg | 2018
UpTownhouses is an impressing residential ensemble located in the northern part of Hamburg. Consisting of 26 houses it results from the cooperation of eight architectural offices. Having two to three floors as well as for the most part stepped storeys this particular building row appears as a vivid mix of forms with subtle façade accents.

The four completed houses are based on two different types with various floor plans which are mirrored and located on different positions within the complex. The total area of one type is 174 square metres; the other one has 179 square metres. Both buildings have protruding and staggered parts, which are developed out of the floor plans. Generous loggias, roof terraces or galleries offer the inhabitants a diversity of spaces. With the choice of sustainable high quality materials, such as brick and wood, and with flexible floor plans the townhouses offer a timeless solution which addresses all generations.

As a citation of the city's architecture the brick cladding in warm red brown palette finds a harmonious combination with the discrete tone of the window frames and glass railings of the galleries and balconies. The overhangs and staggered parts of the façades are emphasized through the mix of even and slightly corrugated surfaces. At first glance the backside of the houses gives an impression of a simpler structure. Towards the terraces and little gardens the houses demonstrate completely white façades without big movements on their surfaces. However by looking more precisely it becomes evident that there are several little accents emphasizing this calmer side of the buildings, such as corrugated surfaces, staggered floors or different window scales.

Flexible floor plans make it possible to design different living spaces, which can be attractive for a majority of users: singles, couples or families. One of the house types offers generous heights and open series of rooms, the other one works with more clearly defined spaces and additional guest sections. Little gardens have a modular structure, which can be designed individually according to the inhabitants' wishes. High individuality inside the given construction could be seen as the most important feature of the four houses as well as the whole new building ensemble. The high recognition value of the buildings allows the inhabitants to identify very fast with their new home.

Client: wph - Housing Construction and Project Development Hamburg GmbH

WohnbauPreis Hamburg 2020 | 2rd price 
FIABCI Prix d'excellence 2018 | Gold (Category Living) 
BDA Hamburg Architektur Preis 2018 | 3rd price
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