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Lange Reihe Hamburg
Hamburg | 2012
Apartment building with retail
The construction of the Long Series in Hamburg is a perimeter block building with closure as the integration of two existing buildings. The seven-building complex consists of two underground parking levels, a large shop area on ground floor with about 2000 sqm of retail space and six floors of residential use with 76 residential units. The existing building Bülaustraße 8 and Knorrestraße 9 are modernized and integrated into the complex. The modernization includes 16 additional residential units. The project covers approximately 13.000 sqm gross floor area. The appearance of the new building is connected by a shift from traditional materials marked. Through the formal language of the new building fits in stocks. Both urban as well as in detail, a complex of buildings in the urban setting inserts.

Ausführungsplanung (ab LP 5): Wessling + Walkenhorst Architekten BDA Innenarchitektur Einzelhandel: Prof. Moths Architekten

Fotos: © npstv

Client: GS-Bau GmbH
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