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Recreation hall Turmweg
Hamburg | 2010
The new building of the recreation hall Turmweg in the Hamburg district of Rotherbaum designed as a classic recreation hall with a small stage for school and extracurricular events, complemented by a warm kitchen with a dining hall for a future full-time school model. Vitreous and "rack buildings" are a large, on slender steel columns an elevated roof covers and summarized. Through its wide roof overhangs, it appears to the actual building volume to float, making it the defining element of design of the building. Connected to the new building, the existing administrative building on the northwest side and the music pavilion on the eastern side. The All-glass hall of the new building and the music room of the old building is a building stage, the stage playable on both sides, is connected. Movable partitions and set tables make it possible for music room and recreation hall can be used both independently of each other as well as a large contiguous hall.

Photos: © Axel Neubauer, npstv

Client: FHH Behörde für Bildung und Sport
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