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KVS Association building
Dresden | 2015
The ZVK of KVS plans to construct an office building with underground car park as an annex to the existing building on Holbeinstraße / corner of Marschnerstraße. A functional and spatial link is to be established via a connecting walkway on 4 storeys (ground floor to 3rd floor). The existing underground car park will be extended.

The extended access will also be used by the new part of the underground car park. The building depth is designed for a double-loaded office layout with central corridor. The building depth and building line are based on the existing building ("glass tower"). The floorplan layout is based on the client's usage concept.

The building will be erected as a reinforced concrete column structure with load-bearing reinforced concrete external wall. The floors/ceilings will be built as slab floors. The new building will not have its own main entrance. It is accessed through the current main entrance in the existing building. The main entrance zone in the existing building with connection to the staircase, lifts, underground car park and offices will be redesigned so that the annex can be connected functionally.

Client: Zusatzversorgungskasse des Kommunalen Versorgungsverbandes Sachsen
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