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Neues Forum Altona
Hamburg | 2011
"Further Development" - Remodeling of a 70-th decade complex
The over 39,000 m2 of residential, office and shopping space in the "Forum Altona" complex, which was erected in the concrete construction style popular at the time (1970 - 1973), is being completely renovated, rebuilt and redesigned for new uses. The building will be given new facades and, most especially, a new arrangement which uses vertical elements to relax the broadly supported mass. A single, broad grey complex shall become seven slender houses in various colours.
Concrete shall become stucco facades in warm colours, window bands shall become new window arrangements with glass windows going down to the floors and corner windowrs in the style of the 1920's. There will also be new balconies and greened roof terraces, some of which are open to the public. Beyond that, the entire complex will be reduced by two floors. In future it will be eleven storeys. The ground floor shall contain 11 shops facing the street. The first storey about ground will have lofts, ateliers, space for practices and rooms for cultural uses. The offices above these will be replaced by a total of 375 new residential units. The investor is aiming for a mixture of addresses for singles families and seniors. The existent 195 underground parking spaces will be made directly accessible by two new double lifts.

Photos: © Markus Tollhopf

Client: Urbis No. 62 / NFAB GmbH
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