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Berlin | 2011
Conversion, renovation, increase and roof extension, installation of lifts, fire protection upgrade and improvements for tenant (BBR)

Planned in the 1940s, the neoclassical palace-like complex of the Ernst-Reuter-Haus was completed as the seat of the German Association of Cities in 1951 and is listed as a national monument. Due to the changeful history and structural interventions over the past fifty years of key interventions now sought to achieve, that the building may once again be turned into a modern accommodation, unfolding its atmospheric potential by means of its traditional stone façade and spacious, representative interior. The design included the installation of indirect façade illumination for a better orientation, the establishment of a restaurant next to the arcades and the symmetrical arrangement of the access to both side wings, as well as an extensive structure. By the completion of the interior on the third floor and the attic and by extensions at the rear, additional area was obtained and the cubature was changed significantly. Modern amenities are provided by balconies located behind the fascia of the central projection and the courtyard façade of the midsection. All creative amendments were realized in full agreement with the demands of the monument authority, consistent with the architectural language and still esthetically restrained. See alsoEnglische Straße 6

Photos: © Christian Gahl, npstv

Client: Cenda Invest AG
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