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Volkswohl Bund Versicherungen
Dortmund | 2010
"New head office building" | Competition 2007, 1st. price
The 17-storey high-rise office building stands self-assured on the Südwall in Dortmund. The height of the lower level building picks up the eaves line of the neighbouring buildings and follows the perimeter of the block, stepping back at the corner to make space for a forecourt that allows the tower to reveal its full extent. The façade consists of a regular pattern of slender pillars and beams that envelope all the surfaces of the entire ensemble, expressing the uniformity of the spaces within, which for the most part consist of office cells throughout. The plan of the tower is a composite arrangement of two L-shaped forms whose short arms extend on each side, reducing the massive appearance of the high building. The architects paid great attention to areas that open out onto public spaces. The paving of the floor of the forecourt continues on into the lobby and through to the interior courtyard. The patio and the interior courtyard of the block are likewise designed as interconnecting gardens, united by the water feature and their formal design. The second entrance to the garden is the entrance for staff arriving by car who park their vehicles in the parking decks in the midst of the rich greenery of the courtyard.

Fotos: © Hans Jürgen Landes

Client: Volkswohl Bund Lebensversicherung a.G.
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