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Buch Habel Kaufhaus
Krefeld | 2003
"Buch Habel" | New building of a book store
This transparent facade concept was a great challenge. The world's biggest bookshelf was created on the illuminated exterior façade, taking up area of about 1,000 sqm. More than 185 publishing companies supported the project by selecting and providing 2003 books from all kinds of subject areas. The printing of the glass façade was quite difficult. Printing glass is cost-intensive, it must be UV-resistant and should be illuminated in the evenings. This was made possible by illuminating the book motives from behind. The books were arranged according to the chromatics on 3 different levels. Thereby, even the apparent randomization has a set order. The façade is supposed to raise the interest of the viewer and induce him to go shopping. Not only does the glass façade give the building its own identity but it also uniquely advertises the goods sold in the store. A modern, innovative and spacious real estate has been developed which has become a center of attraction of Krefeld's urban development.

Photos: © Daniel Sumesgutner

Client: Buch Habel GmbH & Co. KG
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