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Student housing on Briener Straße
Kleve | 2013
Passive house standard in the college campus area
The urban theme of the draft is drawn from the functional plan for the "Kleve college campus area" in the immediate vicinity of the "Rhein-Waal" college on the right bank of the Spoy canal. The building forms the completion of the Kleve college campus. Its location directly on the canal is an outstanding feature and offers a special quality of living and residence in addition to being in walking distance of the college. The building is composed of two structures, one five-storey and one four-storey edifice, connected to each other by a paned bridge-like structure. The structures, which differ in length and height, are experienced as an integrated architectural unit. The facade's materials and colour scheme suggests the existing themes on the college campus and is an independent structure in this context. The building is characterized by gentle perforated facades with full-length windows. The surfaces are made of light, finely granulated plaster. The rhythm and plasticity is attained through the staggered openings with pressed glass balustrades, which lends differentiated dimensions within an otherwise strict overall facade structure. The project is planned to be built to passive house standards. The technical planner is the offices of "Hülsmann + Thieme Architekten" in Kleve. On July 5, 2011, the project was chosen by a selecting committee in the North Rhine - Westphalia State Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Consumer Protection for the state-sponsored programme "100 building projects to protect the climate in NRW".
Photos: © Hans Jürgen Landes

Client: Studentenwerk Düsseldorf
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