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IKEA Citystore Hamburg-Altona
Hamburg | 2014
"IKEA within the city" | Façade: DFZ architects
The step into a central location in the city with pedestrian zone requires from IKEA adaptation of the concept and its appearance to more close spatial property conditions and to its structural context. Due to the positive business development, construction of another furniture store - in addition to the existing IKEA furniture stores in Hamburg-Schnelsen and Hamburg-Moorfleet - is planned at the area of the former department store "Frappant" at the Grosse Bergstrasse within the area of the Altona railway station. The building is divided in three above-ground floors and an inserted intermediate floor which form the IKEA furniture store proper as well as four saddled-up open parking lot levels for cars. The basement floor accommodates the delivery area, the goods warehouse as well as the equipment rooms and the central sprinkler station. The storeys of the furniture store will be provided with a façade of vertically folded metal panels and horizontal glass facades. Within the folds, the parts of the recessed areas will be of blue color so that the viewer - depending on the perspective - can see different white to blue façade parts. In the ground floor, large glazing at the corner of Goetheplatz signals the main entrance as well as the customer restaurant which will be

Façade/ Visualisations: © DFZ Architekten
Photos: © Daniel Sumesgutner

Client: IKEA Deutschland
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