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Schwabinger Carré
München | 2014
Several sections of the former office and business buildings have been completely renovated and modernised. The project includes following addresses: Schleißheimer Straße 139 and 141, Clemensstraße 131, Winzererstraße 104,106 and 142. The architects implemented retail spaces in the ground floor of the building on the Schleißheimer Straße and added further storeys to the lower structures on the Herzogstraße and Clemensstraße. The inner courtyard is now supplemented with a partial single-storey overhead structure and divided into two smaller yards. The renovation encompassed the appearance of the buildings, energy efficiency, new facilities as well as interior works. The new main entrances as well as all rented areas are provided with barrier-free accesses. Having energetical efficiency as the main focus in mind, the architects enhanced the exterior of each building by strengthening their character with individual details. After completion the project received the LEED Gold Certificate. Main tenants of the project are the Higher Labour and Higher Regional Courts.

Client: Investa Baumanagement GmbH, München

Architecture of Necessity 2016 | Auszeichnung / Ausstellung
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