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Gesamtschule Blankenese
Hamburg | 2004
"Extension of a comprehensive school"
The extension building is a longish construction, which is positioned parallel to the train tracks and thereby protects the school complex from the noise of the rapid-transit railway. The floor plan and the position of the building create a spacious open area, which can be used as a schoolyard. The floors of the building are adapted to the different levels of terrain. The concept of the ground plan is aligned with the location by building the rooms along the corridor on one side only. The counterbalancing level includes three music rooms in the daylight sector and auxiliary rooms (music teaching materials, bathroom for handicapped people and room for installations) in the areas of less natural light. The entire building has a clinker façade with a core insulation by which the new building is integrated into the overall complex. The southern façade is alternatively covered with solar panel elements. The canopy and the northern staircases are made from different materials to stress the compactness of the building.

Photos: © Anke Müllerklein

Client: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
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