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Lünen | 2019
The Lippewohnpark in Lünen was planned as a green, quiet residential quarter close to the city with a total of eight buildings. The 13,300 square metre site is located directly on the open River Park Lünen, which leads from the city centre along the river into the countryside.

Along the high bank, six of the houses were built as five- to six-storey town villas with a square ground plan and staggered upper floors. In each of the buildings there are nine residential units. The continuous plinth floor houses the development, ancillary rooms and garage parking spaces. The green roofs of the garages were partially converted into terraces. All apartments are equipped with a balcony or a roof terrace.

The two buildings planned in the northern part of the property were designed as solitary buildings, each with five storeys, cellar rooms and a shared underground car park. The living space of the 2- to 3-room flats ranges between 55 and 115 square metres, whereby predominantly 3-room flats were created.

The exterior walls of all buildings consist of a 2-shell facing stone masonry. The facades are designed in a restrained, light colour palette with grey, white and sand-coloured tones and partly with relief surfaces. Predominantly room-high window elements in irregular arrangement give the buildings a fresh appearance.

All houses can be accessed barrier-free. The buildings were constructed in the energy standard KfW-Effizienzhaus 55.

Client: Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Lünen eG, Bauverein zu Lünen
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