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Living at the Forum Oberkassel
Düsseldorf | 2012
Living in all forms | 1st prize in 2012 contest
Conversion of the former industrial and work location with its strong industrial imprint undergoes radical changes. Strong impetuses towards residential structures currently come up from different plan areas in Quarter 4. Against this background, provision of an own identity for the new residential quarter at Forum was of highest priority for the planners. Based on the island position, the guiding principle of a central park arose with as large a water area as possible – as the identity establishing location of the new quarter. Several forms of living were combined:
Stacked maisonette apartments with view to the lake, a mixed form of 3-storey town buildings and storey apartments on top of it as well as multi-storey buildings complete the construction area at Park Lake – construction forms and residential typologies which are intended to be implemented at the remaining planning area. The planning area is divided in small lots suitable for marketing without losing quality as regards urban development. Several residential types are partly combined at one construction area but arranged as separate buildings so that even division in smaller parts is thinkable. Industrial utilization was concentrated in three blocks of buildings in order to make marketing more attractive for investors specialized in industrial utilization and to provide for a rapid recovery of the quarter.

Visuals: © npstv

Client: Grundstücksgesellschaft Merkur Hansaallee
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