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Kraftwerk Mitte
Dresden | 2020
This outstanding example of industrial architecture in the heart of Dresden is quite old. This ensemble of characteristic brick buildings has been serving the city as a thermal power station nearly for a century and became a prominent landmark in the urban surrounding. After its closure in 1994 the area has to be converted now into a lively place for culture and art.

In terms of the new strategy the complex will be modernized and extended. The Staatsoperette Dresden as well as the Theater Junge Generation will move into the renovated building forming a new cultural spot of the city.

The main tenant of the historic network control unit and the former electrical substation is The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections) with the permanent exhibition of the biggest collections of puppet theatre worldwide. According to current utilization planning further parts of the complex including the switch room will host Heinrich-Schütz-Konservatorium Dresden. Gastronomic and event spaces will round off the cultural offer.

The main focus of the project lies in a sustainable preservation of the unique character of this industrial architectural ensemble, giving the visitors the possibility to experience the original industrial spirit.

Client: DREWAG Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH
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