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Living on the Holzhalbinsel
Rostock | 2018
Competition 2013, 1. prize
When looking for an image that serves the inner identity of the city landmark the idea of a city landscape shaped by wind was developed at the wood peninsula. In an exposed position at wind and water, the building structures and the open spaces are shaped by the “stiff breeze” and receive a distinctive image which is linked to the location. The sculptural shapes of the building structures resulted from this guiding principle which represent the identity potential expected for the location and which can be seen already from a long distance. The arrangement and number of storeys of the buildings as regards urban development is defined mainly by the present B plan. Thus the focal point of our work included the preparation of well-proportioned and optimally illuminated layouts, the development of modern and comfortable façade solutions with due consideration given to the particular wind and noise situation as well as the attractive linking of architecture, urban construction and open space. The Southern block structure (rear) was included and developed further in the area of the open Northern solitaires including the particular features of geography. Building structures with polygonal-shaped cuts were obtained which transport the main wind direction in a formal language and characterize the whole ensemble. Integration into the urban development environment is achieved by clear space creation, address generation, scale and materiality.

Client: WIRO GmbH

German Design Award 2021, Special Mention
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