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Campus Lübeck
Lübeck | 2017
After an extensive revitalization the one-storey shopping mall in the south of Lübeck appears now refreshed and cheerful to its guests. Once called Mönkhof Karee, the renewed centre reflexes with its new logo the close proximity to the university quarter and the spacious campus of the university hospital Schleswig-Holstein.

The modernization has been realized in several steps during two years and enhanced the significance of the shopping center a lot. The particular steps were developed in a previous feasibility study, which contained different levels of renovation and redesign. The program of the reorganization included parking lots at ground level, generous parking lots for parents with little children as well as for heavily pregnant women, furthermore new illuminated gates in front of the entries in order to ensure a better and faster orientation. An improvement of the acoustics, a renewal of the seating furniture as well as an installation of new glass elevators were the main tasks in terms of the interior upgrade.

The new façade consists of aluminum slats in divers green shades mixed up with white spots, a solution, which enhances the continuous character of the complex and welcomes the customers in an appropriate way. Moreover green colour generates a new corporate design by pointing out different details in the shopping mall, as for example the new logo, the furniture or the guidance system.

Client: Hahn EKZ Lübeck GmbH & Co. KG
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