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Vasilyevo | 2009
New construction of a wooden Villa

The Villa in Vasiljevo is located not far from the city of St. Petersburg, just an hour drive in the direction of the Baltic States. The 2-storey villa on the river fits perfectly into the vast countryside, through its construction and material choice. The individual cubical spaces project from within the building into the landscape and become a part of it. The building continuously frames views into nature with its cubical projections and recesses, as well as from the inside out with magnificent views presented by large panoramic windows. The building is a simple steel truss structure with a basement and a flat roof. The block wood paneling is made of sturdy oak. There is a spacious living room with a fireplace and an adjoining kitchen located directly after the entrance hall on the ground floor. The same materials can be found here as on the outer shell of the building. The exterior block paneling is visible on the interior and the fireplace is covered with the same granite as the foundation of the building. The interior service areas, such as the indoor pool with a panoramic view and the sauna create the desired comfort. A study with a fireplace and a terrace with a view to the water, the master bedroom and three additional bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, are located on the second floor.

Photos: © Aleksey Naroditsky

Client: Privat
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