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SUNRISE Oberursel
Oberursel | 2006
"Comfortable living for the elderly" | New residence for senior citizens The residence is located on a preferred site close to the city center of Oberursel near the pedestrian zone. The building also completes the urban planning of the Epinayplatz. The main façade of the building has got a characteristic corner tower facing the Holzweg and a middle risalite. The low building structure also forms the end of the building facing the Feldbergstrasse. The main entrance is located here, too. The architectural style, the colors and the chosen materials perfectly fit into the picture of the town at the Taunus edge. Sunrise is going to run a sophisticated residence for senior citizens with 98 housing units on 3-4 full storeys, plus the attic storey and the basement. This residential home for the elderly with its integrated, in-patient area for people suffering from dementia, focuses on independent to assisted living, depending on the individual needs of the person. A room with a fireplace, dining rooms, a function room as well as a multipurpose room complete the housing areas.
A retail shop is accommodated on the first floor, along the Epinay Platz and Holzweg. An outside seating area for the bistro will vitalize the square. In the inner courtyard there will be a commonly used garden with a terrace, seating accommodation under pergolas and a well.

Fotos: © nps tchoban voss

Client: SUNRISE Senior Living GmbH
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