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Chemnitz | 2020
On Johannisplatz in the city centre of Chemnitz, the Johannis-Quartier was built on a 5,700 sqm site. It consists of an office and commercial building including an underground car park and a hotel building with 172 rooms. The design by TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten was the winner of a Europe-wide investor tender.

The new office building attracts attention with its radiant white, sculptural façades. The new building with six full storeys is oriented towards the eaves height of the neighbouring buildings.

The building takes up the reconstruction spirit of the city centre from the 1970s - 80s and develops a strong effect towards the street space. The volume is horizontally oriented: Panoramic windows extend across the entire façade, framed by white, sculpturally shaped ribbon structures. The wave motifs interpret the building's use associatively and stand for exchange, movement, energy flow.

The interior structure is designed to be flexible throughout and oriented towards future changes of use. The ground floor houses the customer centre, which is divided into the following areas: the reception, the customer advisory service, a café, a lounge and an event area for information events, changing exhibitions and receptions. This zoning facilitates orientation and creates different islands of stay.

The landscaped atrium is extended to the ground floor as part of the inner courtyard. As a naturally lit and planted space, the courtyard offers a high quality of stay for visitors and staff.

The flexibly designed offices are grouped around the inner courtyard on five full floors.

Client: FAY Projekt Nr.117 GmbH & Co. KG
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