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Mitte Altona Block 1a 01
Hamburg | 2015
Hamburg Silhouette | 3rd prize in 2015 competition

Our project concentrates primarily on the creation of a living quarter aligned to the clarity and elegance conveyed by the Hanseatic tradition of stone facades, providing a contemporary refinement and links to these with light coloured Gründerzeit motifs that hallmark each address in this complex. This will give rise to a vividly differentiated brick ensemble with classical facade proportions and great identity potential. Facades vary with the alternating series of bricks, their pointing, their colour, and their plasticity. A stone plinth designed as a peripheral ribbon ties together the various clinker facades presented by each of the buildings, and anchors them to the earth. A stroll through the ensemble therefore encounters a continuous series of new faces in the one “family”. The fundamental arrangement and floor layouts of the buildings have been defined in the submitted B development plan. The draft focuses on the elaboration of well proportioned, well lit ground plans eligible for state subsidies and the development of a modern, homely facade solution at this exposed location. The result is a series of markedly legible structures within a block development that present their own faces (addresses): formal, plinthed hallmarks of the whole ensemble whose embodied rhythm and structuralism bring forth a quality that gives birth to a characterising roadside environment. The integration in the urban surroundings is promoted further by the scale and materials selected for the facades (traditional models in Altona).

Client: SAGA / GWG
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