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Husum Shopping Center
Husum | 2019
1. Prize in the façade competition 07/2016!

In the centre of Husum, in the immediate vicinity of St. Mary's Church, a new shopping centre was built in cooperation with PLANWERK EINS Architekten. Based on the surrounding plot structure, a total of three buildings were integrated into the construction site. In the design process, the urban planning parameters of the existing buildings were decisive for the structure of the new buildings.

The façade facing Grossstrasse takes up the proportions of the local façades with generous shop windows and vertical masonry pillars. The clear structure and careful choice of materials allow the new building to stand out discreetly. The generously glazed entrance to the centre opens up on two floors to the public space of Grossstrasse - the slightly projecting light gables with bronze-coloured edges accentuate the entrance situation and additionally emphasise the vertical alignment of the entire volume. Sand-coloured brick in long format has a familiar look and the discreet ornamentation of coloured glazed, interspersed clinker bricks quotes the handcrafted element.

The façade facing the Quickmarkt is set back into the courtyard opposite the Neustadt. The shape of the facade leads with a clear gesture from the square to the entrance of the centre. The main entrance to the multi-storey car park and the central technical building enclose the atrium on two sides, through which the central courtyard of the centre can be entered via a large open staircase.

The building was erected as a reinforced concrete skeleton construction, the multi-storey car park was constructed from precast reinforced concrete elements with a support grid of approximately 10.80m x 17.00m. In the retail building below, the concrete ceiling is supported by prefabricated reinforced concrete columns in a support grid of approx. 10.80m x 8.50m. The part of the ground floor that is pushed into the ground was designed as a white trough in the northern part.

Client: Husum Shopping Center GmbH
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