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Hotel in the european quarter
Frankfurt am Main | 2010
Construction of a new hotel with car park

Located north of the new boulevard Europaallee, right at Emser Brücke the new construction houses a hotel with 164 double rooms and a couple of family or shared rooms offering an open, communicative and modern atmosphere. The development is divided into an eight-story main building, which extends north-south along the eastern property line and a three-storey addition along the southern property line. Only the eight-storey building has a complete basement. The façade shows a unique design. Clinker areas containing bricks of different sizes are divided by recessed render and window strips which are rhythmized by vertical window openings. The bands shift horizontally stretching from floor to floor and extending partially around the building corners. Filigree glass balustrades provide against falling off from room-high windows with low parapets. On the ground floor glazed surface bestride the lobby and restaurant area. The main entrance on Europaallee is set off from the building like a frame in order to create a clear entrance situation. There is direct central accessibility between reception and hotel lobby, the breakfast room and a small lounge.

Photos: © Claus Graubner

Client: Vivico Real Estate GmbH
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