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Galerie Luise Hannover
Hannover | 2009
The "Galerie Luise" shopping mall, which was planned by the architects Schuwirth + Erman in 1988, is centrally located within a perimeter block development in Hannover's inner city. The mall was conceived as a site for upscale retail businesses and was executed accordingly. The "Luise" drew crowds for many years and is still a well known address in Hannover. Structurally speaking, the mall is thoroughly inflected. A glassy curved roof spans a large portion of the mall, which leads into a central rotunda covered by a glass dome. The glass construction's pattern dictates that of the two storey shop facades. Bays and balconies that jut out into the mall space mark the entrances. The mall's walls and ceilings were covered with red glass plates in accordance with the spirit of the times. The floor covering is of alternating red and pink flagstones. After 20 years of operations without significant efforts to keep it up, the Luise makes a drab, dusty impression on its visitors. Together with the original architects we have clothed the Luise in a new, light, modern dress. The red glass plates in the interior area have been replaced by white glass plates. The light planners from Licht 01 developed a new lighting concept in which large suspended lamps and luminous ceilings simulate daylight in the closed mall areas. Wall spotlights illuminate the areas under the glass curved roof and the large rotunda. The glass sky has been freed of its light fixtures and stripping.

© Daniel Sumesgutner

Client: LBP Luxco GP 1 Hannover S.a.r.l & Co. KG
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