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Mulackstraße 8
Berlin | 2006
New construction of a front building and rehabilitation of the existing side wing for a residential and business usage with underground parking

The special task of this project was the re-creation of the front building destroyed during the Second World War. Only the main parts of the side wing of this typical Berlin residential building in Wilhelminian style remained and were to be integrated within the new construction. Since the neighbouring green area to the west is irreclaimable, an ambitious corner construction was planned containing a wide open fenestration facing the street and the green. The total area for 15 newly built apartments and 10 existing apartments totaling 2.200 sqm now. The new building consists of 4 full storeys and 2 additional stepped storeys that achieve a harmonious transition from the 6-storey-side wing to the lower buildings on the street. The rear-ventilated façade of the new building was clad with natural stone, whilst the old building at the back was renewed with the historical plaster façade. The courtyard had been newly landscaped to create a bright, optically more open, green residential area and a playground.

Photos: © Claus Graubner

Client: Regional Immobilien AG
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