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New residential buildings in Steimker Berg-Ostt
Wolfsburg | 2019
Living in Wolfsburg | 1st prize in the competition 02/2015

The concept behind this planning structure is aligned towards a wide range of individual building types that nevertheless present a unity of form. Four buildings have been developed that represent all of the required home types, including the setback storeys. These two types are designed as three and four floor buildings with setback storeys and robust, quality facades. The ground floors of all types are raised by about 1.30 m, ensuring the safety and privacy of these homes. Generous entrance halls (about 4.2 m high) also provide space for wheel walkers and other walking aids. Accessibility is ensured with multi door lifts. The facade is made of light coloured clinker brick that interplays with the light coloured, smooth, and partially undercut plastered areas. This earthenware colour blends well into the countryside topography, irrespectively of the season. The three storey building is lined completely with clinker. The four storey buildings present a plastered setback storey that appears lower in the overall structure. The same applies to some of the areas on the ground floor that are also lined with plaster, imbuing the whole with a certain lightness. Designed as both recessed and external balconies, the outdoor sitting areas promise homeliness and liveliness among the 3D and shadow effects of the facades.

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Client: VW Immobilien
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