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CCH - Congress Centrum Hamburg - facade competition
Hamburg | 2014
The show window on the park - a panoramic view of Planten un Blomen
With a horizontal show window of about 280m in length that interconnects old and new by linking the different structural elements, the new CCH will stage the reception and routing for all guests, stars and visitors from 2019. The resting, level glass body and upstand marks the entry zone at the south-eastern side of the building towards the new forecourt. The widely visible, lucent CCH logo is integrated on both sides of the façade and framed by the white glass surfaces. Frosted glass fields are a reference to the Radisson Hotel's horizontal natural stone belts and map the location of the gallery levels running through the foyer. The lines rising towards the corner underline the orientation towards the two access areas on the forecourt.

Client: CCH Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG
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