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Spandau Castle Rampart
Berlin | 2006
"Protected, Cared for and Secure" | New residential nursing home
In the Middle Ages, wooden palisades used to protect the first settlers on the Spandau castle rampart. The residential nursing home of the Bethanien Deaconess Foundation is being built on the historical findings of the first colony. It will accommodate 130 residents and is located conveniently on the water, close to the city center. Inflected wings of the building structure trace the path of where the palisades used to be. They surround a protective inner area for senior citizens suffering from dementia. A vestry, combination kitchen and living room, therapy rooms and a multipurpose room are meeting places in the house. The public bistro, facing the Havel River, is a contact point at the future pier for river cruise ships. A sense of security in a homely atmosphere for the elderly, barrier-free and comfortable. This also applies to the 20 assisted living, 2-3 room apartments for senior citizens in the staggered storey which contributes to the variety of residential accommodations in the Havelgarden and allows for individual arrangement of everyday life.

Photos: © Dipl.-Ing. Klemens Ortmeyer

Client: Bethanien Diakonissen Stiftung
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