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District centre and Stöckener Markt
Hannover | 2014
"All under one roof" | award in competition 2014
The new district centre is located at a familiar place on Stöckener Markt and forms the south-western end of the ensemble consisting of market perimeter structures, the church of St. Christophorus, the shopping arcade and the market square itself.
The striking brick building with its folded ridged roof surfaces formulates an unequal angle; the entrance to the district centre's foyer with its generous glass elements is located at the centre and opens up to the forecourt.
The arrangement of trees provides a shaded square for an outdoor meeting point. The bright foyer offers orientation to visitors by guiding them clockwise towards the different areas: the district shop with a literary café, the youth centre "Leckerhaus" with common room, play terrace and dining area, the multi-purpose hall with an event area that can be sectioned off as well as the rooms of the district cultural centre. The highest element of the ensemble, towards Hogrefestraße and the western city district, visually emphasises the new communication centre in Stöcken.
The façade is arranged at different levels and the meeting room is highlighted by windows framed by backlit glass displays, placing it in the district during day as well as night. The rhythmically folded roof surfaces allow for additional skylights in the foyer that are positioned in front of the entrances to the hall. The light foyer can be used flexibly as an extension to the hall, as a distribution or exhibition area, and offers enough circulation space for up to 340 people.

Client: State capital of Hannover
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