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Apartmentneubau mit Einzelhandel
Lüneburg | 2017
The new residential building in the north-east of Lüneburg addresses with its microapartments mainly students, singles or commuters and answers perfectly their need for a comfortable, convenient and well located flat. The white simple block with three to four floors has been erected within the framework of the urban project Hanseviertel Lüneburg, which is being developed since 2010 on the 85 hectare area of the former Schliefenkaserne and an allot settlement.

In total the building has 64 micro-apartments with areas from 24 up to 65 square meters. One of the supermarkets, which have been opened additionally to cover the daily requirements, received a DGNB Bronze Certificate for retail.

The new building is provided with 90 parking lots.

Client: ACCtiv Immobilien Hanseviertel GmbH, Schönefeld
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