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Pulsnitzer Straße
Dresden | 1997
"Discreet Charm" | Renovating an Historical Passage
This residential and office building was built in a neo-renaissance style around the turn of the last century in the Dresden Neustadt and, through the plentiful ornaments, it communicates a certain assertiveness of the aspiring middle class of that time. The decorative athwart gables and the corner oriel made from Elb-sandstone and capped with a tower, are, even today, very impressive and masterly constructed work-pieces, especially after such a changeful history. The stucco ceilings and stucco friezes as well as the parquet floors were preserved as far as possible and the building was restructured from a two-winged to a four-winged structure. The attic floors were integrated into the residential utilization through interior stairs. Considering the age of the building, only a few changes were necessary to create attractive apartments of a high-quality.

Fotos: © npstv

Client: Frau Nipper
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