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Marktostseite Anklam
Anklam | 2012
"Identity of location " | Competition 2012, 1st. price
The historic development based on the planning area was characterized by a clear block perimeter development. The central theme of the urban planning concept is to restore the identity of the town at this place in terms of - Urban area and Townscape Restoration of the original blocks is not possible due to the existing traffic routing. But provision of two autonomous blocks - separated by Brüderstrasse (pedestrian zone) - is feasible. The new block edges at the Market are arranged approx. 3.5 m before the current front in order to somehow correspond to the original front.
This construction line will be provided with a detail which shall serve to enhance this sunlit side: An arcade. A component which is already existing at the Market (corner of Keilstrasse) and at the Town hall and is used here in a striking manner. The new block structures are closed at Steinstrasse. Openings to the yards are planned at Nikolaistrasse in order to allow semi-public use. This function is supported by passages from Brüderstrasse into the yards. The block edges are defined at Steinstrasse at the extension of Steinstrasse at the West side of the Market. This allows the museum beside Steintor to stand alone. Another change has been made at the block in the area of Schulstrasse. The block is provided with a "nose" showing to the museum. Designed as arcade in the ground floor, this front building provides narrowness as regards urban development to the museum while the area of Schulstrasse will undergo a certain widening for the function existing there.

Client: Stadt Anklam vertreten durch BIG BAU GmbH
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