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Stadtvillen Lilienmattstraße 4–6
Baden-Baden | 2018
Surrounded by a green and quite urban setting the new ensemble of six villas will soon be implemented in the historic context of the renowned spa Baden-Baden. Sergei Tchobans master plan intends a participation of five architectural offices - among them nps tchoban voss with two houses - thus ensuring a variety of forms which at the same time follow one design code. The new constructions, each of them having two storeys and an additional penthouse, will be set in two rows parallel to the slope providing the inhabitants best views to the valley and the Hohenbaden Old Castle. A total of 21 apartments will have variable and generous floor plans of 110-250 square meters allowing a user-friendly design of the area or even a combination of two or more flats to a whole. The architects work mainly with natural stones or glass elements.

Client: Lilienmatt Immobilien GmbH
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