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Hamburg | 2005
"Hard Shell" | 23 new residential units
Topping-Out Ceremony for Residential Building in Hamburg On 2 June 2005 a residential building project in Hamburg Winterhude was celebrated with a topping-out ceremony. The building owner, the Hanseatische Baugenossenschaft Hamburg, consigned the Hamburg architects nps tchoban voss GbR (Prasch Sigl Tchoban Voss) to do the concept and the planning. The new building with its 23 residential units is located on the southern side of the Poßmoorweg, which is heterogeneously and openly covered with buildings. From the urban developmental point of view this area is a kind of a linking element between the Poßmoorweg and the Goldbek Channel, which is located parallel to it. It is a conceptional goal of the architects to continue the heterogeneous and open building structure with this building block. Thereby, this house fits into the environment, as far as volume and structure are concerned, however, the material used and the impression of the house are very individual. The new building, which is situated perpendicular to the street mainly consists of two main building blocks which are rotated by 90 o in different directions but which are joined by a glazed staircase. Each of them is basically a U-shaped, perforation-patterned facade designed like a "shell" and has a raster facade in front of the living areas, which is clearly designed more openly with balconies and shear walls.

Photos: © Stephan Eims

Client: Hanseatische Baugenossenschaft Hamburg
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