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Melia Hotel Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf | 2009
"Garden Code" | New 4 stars hotel building
The cube designed from the urban context and finds its completion in a House formulated as a high figure. The design of the hotel follows the principle of vertical staggering. The building responds to the neighbouring volume, takes them on and developed by a confident architectural language. The building is inside out and takes up associations from the neighboring courtyard. The lively outline of the facade is protected by the adjacent tree trunks inspired, and as a "garden code" has been interpreted. The entire facade of the grammar follows this uniform design principle. While the pedestal glasses zones largely different input functions together, the show room floors hole facades. The planned plasticity of the facades reached on the materiality of the natural stone to self contact with the heterogeneous neighborhood. Here are details, such as Louvred windows, significant associations with residential buildings in the area.

Photos: © Klemens Ortmeyer, Melia

Client: GII Grundbesitz Investitionsgesellschaft mbH&Co.KG
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