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Hotel Eurostars
Berlin-Mitte | 2011
"Hotel building with underground parking"
in collaboration with Manuel Alvarez The hotel was built near the S-Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse. It has 9 floors and is fully built. In two basements parking spaces, the technology centers and the staff rooms are provided. The adjacent building - the office and retail building was constructed in parallel and also designed by npstv. On the ground floor to reach the hotel's reception desk on the main entrance, which is connected via a private road to the Friedrichstrasse and the Planck Strasse. There are also conference areas, lobby, bar and restaurant with kitchen. In the 1st floor there are other areas as well as conference rooms. From the 2nd floor to 7th floor 8th floor and in some areas of the hotel rooms and suites are arranged - in the 8th floor is also the pool and fitness center housed. The 9th floor is a technical floor. The hotel received a single-transparent steel and glass facade, in the alternation of open and closed elements creates a unique look while meeting the needs of the hotel use is taken into account. The different widths of windows based on the basic pattern of hotel planning and are each a multiple of the basic grid.

Photo: © René Hoch, npstv

Client: Grundbesitz Hotelinvest.gesellsch. Friedrichstr100
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