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SUNRISE Wiesbaden
Wiesbaden | 2006
"Senior citizen's home and full-stationary department for demented patients"
The institution is structured by three buildings which are characterized by hipped roofs and two connecting buildings. Its basic shape is adapted to the proportions of the property. The theme of the surrounding villas from the period of promoterism (end of the 19th century) is picked up and interpreted. The building is orientated at a right angle and arranged in the center axis of the property. The residence is used as senior citizen's home (ground floor, 1st - 3rd top floor) with integrated full-stationary department for demented patients (2nd and 3rd top floor) and orientated for independent living with care as required individually. The stationary department for demented patients covers approximately the half. The whole living and public area is planned without barriers; the lifts are suitable for handicapped persons. Eighteen car parking lots and 10 bicycle parking spaces will be provided in the garden area towards Mosbacher Strasse.

Photos © Arne Hofmann

Client: SUNRISE Senior Living GmbH
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