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Living on Rhiemsweg
Hamburg | 2018
“A classical redbrick ensemble”
The motif of this project centres on the creation of a residential district whose clarity and elegance recalls the Hanseatic traditions and extends these into modern times. The result is a calming redbrick ensemble with classical facade proportions marked by horizontal accents. The many and diverse facades are borne by the variations of redbrick, pointing, colour, and plasticity. The present single-storey development will be replaced with two offset four-storey buildings (about 34 residential units) that first serve as a spatial conclusion to the open area bordering the north side of the settlement, at the same time fusing the landscape and the development into a continuation of the building layout. Differentiated offset storeys serving as spatial crownings lend the volume an extended structure of moderation. Its interaction with two trees hallmarking the site gives rise to an attractive ensemble of high urban quality. The open space presented by the buildings' arrangement augments the residential quality to a high level – presenting a varied area with seamed borders, a centred arrangement of trees, and fascinating visual ties to the surroundings. The residential units on the ground floor have been planned for full disabled access (under the Hamburg Building Regulations HBauO) – all of the other units will be designed with basic facilities for easier disabled access under the IFB funding guidelines.

Visualisations: © npstv

Client: SAGA / GWG

BDA Hamburg Architektur Preis 2020 | 3rd price 
WohnbauPreis Hamburg 2020 | 3rd price
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