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Bonn | 2005
"Monument and Dragon Cliff" | New building of a senior residential
Right where the Cologne merchant von Camphausen used to spend his weekends in a cultivated way or strolled through his wide and spacious park along the banks of the Rhine, a wonderful residence has been created to be lived in with great relish. The historical listed Villa Camphausen is both the basis and the new center of the sophisticated Sunrise Seniors- Domicile. Two newly built wings are connected with the terraced inner courtyard with its spectacular view of the Dragon Cliff vis - vis. The new residential areas reflect the design elements of the villa with its hipped roof and offer individual, hotel standard like apartments of great convenience in the park landscape of the Rhine. Today, the historical sequence of the rooms of the Villa offers enough space for lounges and saloons for the everyday life of the, about, 100 residents. This architectural monument has been carefully renovated and thereby witnesses the past and, at the same time, is an example for a new way of using living space for senior citizens.

Photos: © Arne Hofmann, npstv

Client: SUNRISE Senior Living GmbH
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