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Potsdam | 1996
New construction of a shopping centre with two car park levels. Collaboration with nhp partnership Bölinger, Hanke, Kreussler Architekten + Ingenieure

The planning site lies between the panel buildings of the 70s and 80s the housing area "Am Stern" in the north and Drewitz in the south east as well as the a little more secluded centre of Alt Drewitz. The shopping centre (floor area 50.000m²) closes this bareness. It is flanked through buildings five storeys high and a 24 storey high rise at the main entrance of the plaza forms a good balance to the horizontal appearance of the centre. The 45 degree rotation of the uppermost parking deck causes the shopping centre to appear to have a star shape, the new marginal complexes are not always oriented parallel to it and clear and calm spaces evolve. An ensemble with an individual character is created between the adjoining housing blocks. The clear organization inside and the stronger graphic of the inner facades creates an architectural permanence that successfully triumphs over the sometimes uncontrollable appearance of the changing lodgers.

Photos: © Werner Huthmacher, Martin Wortmann

Client: Immobilien KG Schermann + Co
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