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Finkenau Family Quarter
Hamburg | 2014
"A family quarter within the central context of the city" | competition 2011, 2. prize
With great naturalness, the two angular building ensembles form a small quarter as the start of the new overall development at Finkenau at the former Pflegen & Wohnen area. As family friendly planned residential quarter with a green quarter park, a new locality will be provided inside the complex of small-space identification for the new residents. Clear orientation of all entrances to the surrounding public streets and a stepped publicness in favor of an increasing private atmosphere characterize the qualities of the new development. As regards urban development, height adapted connection to the existing buildings has been achieved at Finkenau; towards the East, the building height is staggered already by one storey. Taking into consideration the external and internal existing trees, the new small quarter represents the continued natural construction of the urban town structure with separated houses. The two wings with more than 140 residential units will be divided in 13 individual houses, i.e. also 13 real units at a common basement garage. The diversity within the structural unit is declined more by variants of development, form and connection of the staircases at the ground floor up to the patio. And also the design of the facade answers the request of the residents for the recognizability "of their home" by a multitude of colored clinkers, differentiated house widths, modified balcony and bay motifs. 2 of the 11 homes are being realized by npstv.

Photos: © npstv

Client: GFG Bauherren
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