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Strassburg Passage
Görlitz | 1996
"Capped and Gowned" | Renovating an Historical Passage
The Strassburg Passage, built and designed in an ample reform style, was opened for the first time in 1908 by the textile merchant Otto Strassburg. The formal flow of the facades was aligned with even greater exemplary buildings, such as the general store Tietz in Düsseldorf built in 1907 by J.M. Olbrich or the Wertheim-buildings A. Messels in Berlin. Since its re-opening, it accommodates on a sales area of about 5,400 sqm around 18 retail shops, a market hall as well as the central textile store on Berliner Strasse 7 with its historical facades and which is located in the pedestrian precinct of downtown Görlitz. A heritage protected vestibule is the stepless access to the sales area of about 1,200 sqm on the ground floor. The historical "small gallery" with its cast iron beams and an elaborate stucco décor is the show-piece of the sales area. The glazed roof is equipped with two shells and therefore the gallery section is evenly and naturally illuminated without direct rays.

Fotos: © npstv

Client: BTV Projektentwicklungsg.
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